Why Custom Web Development Makes Better Business Sense

admin / 08-05-2020

In a COVID driven market the internet has truly opened up the world to us. You could be sitting in one corner of the planet and order your favorite pair of sneakers within a few clicks or video conferencing with your team on another continent – these are the perks of living in a virtually connected world. But have you ever wondered what really drives us towards a certain website or application? Sure, the products on offer make a huge impact on your buying decision, but for most products there are dozens of options for where to buy them.. So what is that X factor that makes you come back to an online store time and again? 

The answer is user experience. This intangible yet powerful thing is what defines your website as either good or bad. All online businesses, big or small, strive for the best user experience, and all that can be made possible through web development. Before we dive into how custom web development can help your business, let’s first understand what web development really is. 

What is Web Development


In simple terms, web development is the creation, development, and maintenance of a website. Simple right? Not really. Web development is that behind-the-scenes hustle that ensures a website operates at its best capability and delivers a seamless experience for the users. Reaching a point where your website meets all the expectations takes some effort and must include important aspects like:  

– Website Design

– Programming 

– Content Management and Publishing

– Database Management

While these are the fundamental activities on which the process of web development is built, it is not limited to only these tasks. Things like UX designing, visual enhancement, and testing also form an equally important part of the web development process as a whole.  

Custom Web Development Vs Templates

After getting the lowdown on what web development process includes, the big question that every business owner has in mind is whether to go down the customized web dev route or to take the simpler path of templates? 

In all honesty, both methods have their advantages. While using templates might work for a blogging website, ecommerce website development on the other hand yields better results with a custom approach.

Return on Investment

This fact about custom web development has long been debated and the numbers have proved that a customized approach fetches a far better ROI as compared to the cookie-cutter method deployed by templates. 

How custom web development increases your ROI?

With the help of custom web development, your business website can be made in accordance with your planned sales funnel. This means all the leads being directed to your website can be guided towards your end goal of converting into sales, with the help of a well thought out website. Strategically placed CTAs, a layout that’s easy on the eyes and the overall structure of a web page are some aspects that put anxious buyers at ease before committing to a sale, and custom web development ensures all these factors are taken into account. 

Improved Search Engine Optimization

With businesses of all kinds operating online, search engines like Google aim to provide the most relevant results to their users. This is where search engine optimization comes to the fore and helps your business be found by the right people, at the right time. 

A custom web development model gives you the advantage of incorporating SEO into the scheme of things right from the planning phase. While a template approach may be able to build your website faster, it will require additional plugins to help get some SEO viability. 


Your online store might be small right now, but that will not be the case always. Keeping your growth in mind, custom web development offers scalability that is at par with your growth. This will not be the case with a standard template-based website which is limited and costly when it comes to site expansion, category additions, and the likes. 

As your business grows, you can easily integrate newer technologies to your website and give your users an even better experience. This level of scalability also adds a sense of credibility to your brand, where there are fewer ‘technical glitches’ and a more secure environment for the users to purchase your products or services. 


Online security is of prime importance for an online store of any kind. It not only gives the users the confidence to use your website without any apprehensions but also gives you complete peace of mind. 

With a customized web development process, you can have all your data and transactions stored on secure servers that are exclusive to you. It also gives you the ability to stay away from open source software and have your own coding that incorporates multiple filters and SSL protocols that support your website’s secure framework. 

Better Customer Support

You already know how fickle customer loyalties are in this modern age of consumerism. One aspect that can help you survive the torrent of competition is customer support and custom web development gives you that advantage. From incorporating easy to use chat bots for service requests, to creating an in-depth knowledge base for commonly asked questions, professional web development services can help you create a website that offers world-class customer support. 

With this improved customer serviceability, you can confidently offer your products and services to the right people and trust the technology to resolve minor issues/queries that would otherwise engage your staff members. 

Final Thoughts

While custom web development might come at a premium and development turnarounds might take longer, there is no denying the fact that its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Flexible design and programming, high return on investment, and exclusivity are just some of the aspects that your business will benefit from. With the right developers on board, your website can take on the world and become a revenue generator sooner than you expected. Custom web development ultimately just makes perfect business sense.

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