With the increasingly fierce competition, every business needs to invest in a well-designed website. At Radical, our web development team designs custom websites that run smoothly across all devices and promise a great user experience.

With over three decades of industry experience, we have gained valuable insight and knowledge, which has enabled us to become a Website Development Agency clients can trust.

– Custom Website Development
Without custom website development, your website will get lost in the abundance of websites on the internet. At Radical, we strive to understand your business and vision and accordingly develop a custom website that provides a smooth user experience on mobile as well as other devices.

Developing a custom website is more than just designing beautiful visuals. In addition to aesthetic appeal, our skilled developers also focus on building a highly functional website. We aim to build websites that are SEO optimized as well as mobile responsive.

-Understanding Your Vision
We usually start by asking our clients about their vision. What do you want to accomplish with this website? Who are you trying to reach? What features do you want to include? By clearly understanding clients’ requirements, we come up with an initial plan for the website. Being on the same page with you is critical to our website development process.

Rather than developing a desktop website, we take a mobile-first approach and work our way up. This is an objective strategy for creating a responsive web design. To create a well-structured layout, our team begins wireframing, starting with the smallest screen and gradually moving to bigger screens.

We take a content inventory to determine all the elements that must be included on the website. Next, a visual hierarchy is established to ensure most-relevant elements appear first. We develop a mobile wireframe first and use this as a template for breakpoints for larger screens.

As fingers are much wider than mouse cursors, we incorporate larger elements to make tapping and overall navigation easier. To ensure easy comprehension, we keep graphics simple for mobile screens.

Our team will use these initial discussions to create moodboards, visual mockups, etc, which will serve as a demo. This will help you envision what your website will look like. At this stage, we take feedback from clients about any design revisions.

-Web Development

Now the major chunk of the work starts. We will use the hierarchy set in the demo to build your website. We take our time to design a website that is functional, user-friendly, and fast loading.

-User Journey Mapping
Next, we conduct user journey mapping, which will help us gain insight into how your visitors will interact with your website. This stage is important to identify any potential pain points and accordingly improve user experience.

Finally, we will spend time fine-tuning the website and uploading the content. After designing a mobile-friendly website on a desktop, our team tests the website on real devices. This enables us to determine if the website is functioning properly. Once you’re satisfied with everything, the website will be launched.

In simple words, the entire process of building a website and hosting it on the internet is known as web development. Some tasks included in web development are web design, coding, server-side scripting, client-side scripting, content management system (CMS) development, and e-commerce development.

Every business has specific visual and functional requirements for a professional website. Custom website development involves designing a website that meets these specifications. From a custom layout to custom plugins, nearly every aspect of a website can be tailored.

On average, it can take a couple of weeks to design a custom website. However, this can vary depending on your customization requirements. For example, if you need a simple blog, it will take less time than developing a complex e-commerce website.

Mobile-first website development requires a different approach than the usual web development process. Usually, content is drafted after the designing and development stages. However, for mobile-first websites, it’s crucial to adopt a content-focused approach from the outset.

What Our Customer Says

The Radical Way to a Great Website

Did you know nearly 80% of visitors access websites via mobile devices? Without a mobile-responsive website, you may lose out on a significant number of potential customers. We are an agency specializing in a mobile-first approach for web development. From designing up for mobile-first to scaling up for larger screens, our developers focus on delivering the right user experience via screens of all sizes.

Our team also prioritizes page speed and SEO metrics when it comes to developing websites. Whether you’re looking for an e-commerce website or a simple website explaining your services. Contact us today to discuss your web development needs.

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