Enrich Your Brand’s Image with Instagram

There are multiple ways to promote your business on Instagram. Paid ads, influencer marketing and organic marketing to name a few. A little bit of everything in the mix can give you the recipe for marketing success.

Radical provides Instagram marketing services to help you generate leads for your business, increase brand awareness and enrich your public image to build a loyal following.

Our Instagram Marketing Agency Services

We understand that managing your Instagram account while running a full-time business is not easy. That’s why we offer a fully managed Instagram marketing service, right from creating your business account to promoting it and driving qualified leads.

Promote Your Business on Instagram

Instagram offers various avenues to accomplish your marketing goals. Whether you want to sell a service or product, increase engagement, collaborate with potential partners or boost your brand’s reputation, you can achieve all of that with Instagram marketing.

And here’s why Radical should be your top choice.

Radical is a seasoned Instagram marketing agency with years of experience and successful case studies under its belt. Let’s discuss your marketing objectives and everything else you wish to achieve with your Instagram campaigns.


A category of social media marketing that leverages Instagram’s capabilities to promote businesses through organic tactics and paid channels, such as sponsored posts or influencer marketing. What started as a platform for sharing selfies and social experiences has now become a revenue stream for content creators and an advertising platform for businesses across the board.

Although Instagram is all about sharing pictures, it doubles as a highly effective marketing platform if you have the knowledge and resources to use it to your benefit.

Most marketers think of the Instagram algorithm as their enemy and often approach it with hostility. Just like any other platform, Instagram’s algorithm is doing its best to ensure better customer experiences. Understanding how Instagram’s algorithm works can help you come up with a strategy that is bound to succeed. However, no strategy works without great content.

With a business account, you can utilize Instagram’s insights and other marketing features that are not available to personal account users. Having a business account distinguishes you from amateurs and DIYers and builds credibility. Also, if you are planning to convert your personal profile to business profile, you may want to drop the idea. Making a business profile from the ground up will save you clean-up hassles.

Instagram marketing success doesn’t come overnight, unless you are a celebrity or a protagonist in a viral video – the odds are one in a million. However, through an organic approach and perseverance, you can tip the odds in your favor and grow your Instagram presence significantly in months and not years.

If you are a business owner with full-time operations to look after, it might be difficult for you to find the time to nurture your Instagram profile. Between work and personal commitments, social media marketing often gets neglected.

That is why most businesses like you hire Instagram marketing agencies like us to increase brand awareness, generate leads and boost sales. Our team at Radical will study your niche and size up your competition to devise a strategy that will be geared towards your marketing objectives.

It’s hard to pick one format. As a matter of fact, users love scrolling through pictures and videos as much as they like to watch Reels. So it would be unwise to disregard a content format for any reason whatsoever. No matter which content format you use, don’t forget to add relevant hashtags. At Radical, we use premium hashtag generator tools to make sure the content that we are sharing is visible to the right people at the right time.

A good Instagram marketing strategy is a balanced mix of every content format. However, when it comes to choosing a specific post for your paid campaign, you must choose the one with maximum engagement or something that captures an ongoing trend.

So, post pictures, videos, go live, create IGTV videos, Reels, Story and every format under the sun.

As part of our experiment, we created dummy profiles and bought a couple thousand followers to see how it turns out. We shared that profile with some of our team members and asked about their opinion. They could tell it was a fake/made-up profile, in a heartbeat. And your audience is smart enough to discern that too.

Another reason you should avoid fake profiles is that it doesn’t do anything other than putting up a pretty facade. When you buy fake followers, they are not going to like or comment on your posts, because guess what? They are fake. And the disparity between your followers and engagement will give it all away.

Plus, these followers are not buying anything from you. They are just numbers that don’t add up.

If your target audience does not use Instagram, there’s no point having an Instagram presence in the first place. For instance, if you specialise in custom engineering solutions and manufacture machinery for commercial and industrial clients, then Instagram is not for you. But on the other hand, if you have a fashion outlet, a cafe, a cosmetic product-line, a car detailing studio or a furniture store, you can utilize Instagram to market your products and services.

Automation is one of the most important cogs in the wheel of efficiency. Scheduling Instagram posts in advance frees up your time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy or core business operations. Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a scheduling feature. But you can use third-party scheduling tools that will integrate with your Instagram profile seamlessly. Be careful when you are choosing a tool because not all tools are created equal. Some tools lack the functionality to schedule and publish your posts; they can only send you reminders, and the rest of the job has to be done manually. So, before you buy a subscription, make sure you are getting what you are looking for.

It totally depends on your marketing objectives. However, there are certain theories that can help you decide which one of these platforms is more suitable for you.

To start with, a recent survey reveals that Instagram has 4 times more engagement than Facebook. If you are building a brand and have a lot of visual content to share, then Instagram is your best bet. However, when it comes to driving traffic to your website, Facebook offers a higher click-through rate.

Also, you will need to look into your audience persona and ask yourself, “which platform is more likely to attract people that matter to your business?” Instagram is mainly geared towards Gen-Z and millennials. And these two generations are currently boasting the highest purchasing power.

There are several ways you can approach your audience through ads.

Ads in Stories

To begin with, make sure your stories are public. You can embed clickable links and CTAs in stories, and in order to increase the click-through rate, make sure the content in the story suggests viewers to take action.

Ads in Videos and Pictures
This is the most common ad format used by almost every business on Instagram. This format allows you to add CTAs or links, which will appear as a clickable banner at the bottom of the post.

Carousel ads
If you have multiple products or services, you can run a carousel ad to give your viewers several options to explore. You can also incorporate a few creatives in the carousel to engage viewers, which lead them to the final slide where you can place the desired CTA or clickable link.

Collection Ad
If you are selling a product, you can leverage Collection ad format to give your potential customers a smooth browsing and buying experience.

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