TikTok Strategies That Work

While running paid ads on TikTok is a great way to get noticed, a majority of businesses are experimenting with influencer marketing as well. Paid advertising works because your ad will be seamlessly integrated and served between videos. On the other hand, TikTok influencer marketing offers a more personalized touch where the influencer reads or showcases your ad within their content.

Proven TikTok Marketing Experts

Being a TikTok marketing agency, Radical can help you plan, create and manage paid ads on TikTok. We can also reach out to influencers and buy ad placements on your behalf to achieve your unique marketing objectives. Here’s what you can achieve through TikTok marketing:

Our TikTok Marketing Process

We see TikTok as part of the social media clan. And just like any other form of social media marketing, TikTok marketing requires proper planning and research too. That is why we have a step-by-step process in place to ensure your campaign’s success.


As of the latest data in 2021, 50% of users on TikTok are over the age of 30. While TikTok was formerly known for only younger users, this is no longer the case. It is clear that TikTok is all the rage across multiple age groups and demographics. So who should be on TikTok? You — no matter industry or niche.

TikTok has become such a grand sensation that many apps are piggybacking on TikTok to build their user base. TikTok’s algorithm and the interface are such that they keep users hooked for a long time by serving a string of videos according to their taste. No wonder, an average user spends 89 minutes a day on TikTok.

Also, users follow influencers and take note of the brands and products they talk about in their posts. All of this means that TikTok gets half the job done for you. All you have to do is start promoting your brand.

Yes. TikTok allows businesses and individuals to keep track of their performance using analytics. Once your account has a minimum of 100 followers, you can access analytics and stats to aid your progress.

TikTok offers multiple avenues to advertise your business. One of them is paid ads that you can create and promote on your own or let a professional TikTok marketing agency do it for you. The platform allows you to effectively run your ads based on your target audience, budget, and marketing objectives, such as app installs, traffic, or conversions.

Another way to promote your business is to engage an influencer and let them promote your brand directly to their followers, which could be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.

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