Why ArtificiaI Intelligence (Probably) Won’t Replace Your Job

admin / 12-18-2023

Three questions marketers need to answer in order to stand out in the era of generative AI.

Artificial Intelligence sounded like science fiction until it became science fact, didn’t it? Since its introduction into the business world, many marketers have been haunted by its looming presence, and maybe for good reason. ChatGPT can churn out content pieces that are inhuman and as structured as a college essay, but with rock-solid key points, grammar and syntax, and it can do it in a fraction of the time (and cost) as compared to a human. But does that automatically mean your job is in danger? To answer this, all marketers should first ask themselves three questions: what is the goal of your content, who is the recipient of your sell, and – brace for it – how good are you really at your job. Let’s get into it. 


Question #1: What is the goal of your content?
The mass hallucination of AI has many in our industry screaming from the rooftops about the massive impact it will have on our teams. Rather than buying into the hype, creative folks have got to be ultra-thoughtful about the content they’re putting out. For example, is quantity the name of the game? Then ChatGPT is the perfect tool to churn out quick work that is just good enough. But at the end of the day, generative AI tools are simply that – tools. Efficiencies. And while tools and efficiencies have the potential to speed up some processes and maybe even save you some money, they aren’t going to fundamentally change your business. If you want your organization to have a deep and meaningful impact on current and potential customers, then the story you tell will always be front and center. 


Question #2: Who is the recipient of your sell?
What good is a compelling story without laser-focused targeting? In order to drive valuable conversations, marketers must spend time, effort, and yes, money, to not only determine who their target audience is, but to know them. What drives them? What irks them? What spurs them toward decision making? Sure, AI can come up with solid prompts and generic responses, but it can’t answer strategic questions for you. And as long as humans are the recipients of your sell, humans should be the curators. Nothing can replace that interaction.


Question #3: How good are you really at your job?
To answer perhaps the most challenging, albeit vital, question of them all, let’s start with an exercise. Copy and paste the title of this piece into ChatGPT and ask it to write a blog for you with this topic. Compare the content. And then ask yourself how much you value the difference. 


It’s pretty simple: your customers are human. Humans are complex. Complex humans require complex, carefully curated messaging in order to feel seen and understood. If your goal is to create a plethora of commodity content for a wide audience, then ChatGPT can do that in a matter of seconds. But if your goal is to connect with the people who can really grow your business in a meaningful way, then the human touch is absolutely irreplaceable. At the end of the day, the security of your job amid the pressure of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools comes down to one thing: you. 



Meghan Carter, Account Executive 

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