Website Design and The Bottom Line: They are now intrinsically connected

admin / 08-05-2020

Some ten years ago, if you asked a business owner about their website, they would have probably shown you a web page with the most basic information about their product or service offering. Back then a website was something that was ‘good to have’, and always played second fiddle to the more conventional marketing forms. Cut to modern times and things have changed in a big way. Now, your website is that one factor that can either make or break sales for your business. Website design has become a crucial part of strategy for businesses of all budgets and sizes. But how does it really affect your profit generation capabilities? Let’s take a look. 

Easy Navigation

A bitter truth that all online businesses have to live with is the fact that modern consumers have fickle loyalties. With multiple options to choose from, it’s the smaller details that can tip the scales in your favor. One such thing is the way users are able to navigate through your website. 

Imagine you’ve run an expensive marketing campaign that brings traffic to your web address, only to realize your bounce rates are way off the mark, all because users find it cumbersome to navigate through the information you’ve presented. Following the ‘three click rule’ is a good way to ensure people visiting your site find what they need, faster and more efficiently. 

Besides this, other navigational details play their part in ensuring ease of use. Some of the most effective methods include: 

Clear and Clutter-Free Menu

A clear design and a simple menu do more things for sales conversions than we imagine. Thinking from the user’s perspective will give you better clarity about placing important links like ‘About’ or ‘Contact Us’ in a way that they’re easy to find within all the other information.

Sub Menus

Another great way to declutter your navigation menu is to have sub menus. This frees up space within the page and gives the user the freedom to select a menu if they wish to explore a product or service in greater detail. 


Think of the sidebar as the display window in a store. Use it to highlight your best products or client reviews so that it attracts attention and creates maximum sales opportunities. 

User Experience

User Experience Image

You’ve probably heard this phrase being used indiscriminately over the years. User experience has gained popularity for good reason. After all, the buying journey that a consumer goes through is the foundation on which brand loyalties are built and user experience ensures its smooth sailing all the way through. 

User experience becomes a key differentiating factor, especially for online stores operating in a highly competitive niche. Ecommerce website development services lay the groundwork for cutting-edge UX by creating a user persona, something that defines the key target audience and aims to cater to their needs and problems. 

Having zeroed into these dynamics of your potential customers, designers can work out color themes, menu layouts, and the overall web architecture of your website. 

With due importance given to user experience, online businesses can ensure:

Customer Satisfaction 

The cornerstone of any business, customer satisfaction is something every business strives for. With a well-planned UX, you can be sure of low bounce rates, which means people spend more time on your website and thereby create more chances of conversions. 

Improved Site Performance

With an emphasis on user experience, sites can lower their page load speeds significantly. This ensures anybody landing on your website has the right information in front of them in the shortest time possible. 

Boost in traffic

With a smooth UX design, websites attract repeat customers who have enjoyed their experience in the past. This helps in growing your traffic numbers. 

Responsive Design

File:Responsive Web Design Demo Template.svg - Wikimedia Commons

With almost 6 billion mobile users worldwide, a responsive website is a must-have for all modern businesses. Having a mobile-friendly website not only makes good business sense but is rewarded generously by search engines through improved SEO rankings. 

Responsive design is also intertwined with the user experience since it smoothens the transition from a laptop/desktop to a mobile device and helps build credibility for your brand. With this improved trust, users browse your website with a certain confidence that encourages them to purchase your products or services with ease. 

With a website that adapts to different screen sizes your online business can take advantage of: 

Adaptive content resizing

The hallmark of responsive design is that it adapts to the screen size automatically. This means you do not have to pinch and zoom or scroll horizontally to view the on-screen content or images. 

Button Placement

Another great thing about responsive design is that it places those CTAs and buttons in a perfectly spaced out manner. This ensures you can click a button without accidentally opening an unwanted link or reaching the wrong page. This improves the overall experience and helps convert sales seamlessly. 

Improved Analytics 

Having one website that works on devices of all kinds gives you the advantage of tracking fewer data points. Gone are the days when developing a separate mobile site was the norm. This meant double the amount of data from both sites and of course double the amount of time making sense out of it. With this time saved, a responsive website helps you focus on other aspects that can have a far reaching impact on your sales. 

In Conclusion

Running any business in 2020 is definitely not easy. Cut throat competition, frequent search engine updates, and newer marketing techniques, all this makes managing your business website a full-time task. With a professional website design backing your hard work, you can be sure of keeping pace with any changes the web throws at you. Now is the time to be strategizing on the world-class website that gives your business the edge over your competition. With great website design, your bottom line will always look good. 

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