Spencer Pratt: His journey from being the ‘hated villain’ to a successful entrepreneur

Ryan / 09-02-2021

Spencer Pratt is a former reality TV star and now an entrepreneur. Spencer is the founder of prattdaddy.com, which is an online store selling exquisite crystals, sourced from far-flung corners of the world. 

How did this shift happen? Spencer talks about his initial TV fame and his obsession with crystals, which would later lead him to build a business out of it.

Spencer never wanted to start a business, as he revealed in a conversation with host Ryan Alford on The Radcast podcast. He was fairly satisfied with his appearances on reality shows and had no other business plans until one day his wife asked him to sell his crystals that he had been spending a lot of money on. And that was the tipping point. 

“If I buy a bunch of crystals and I sell the ones that I don’t want and then I use that profit. So then I technically didn’t pay for the ones I got.” recalls Pratt, as he takes us back to the day it all began.

Spencer talked about the challenges that he faced and how his business survived the pandemic and how he continued to pay his employees despite a sales slump. “Covid was a hard one because I didn’t plan for that. Every dollar we were making I was putting back in the company”, says Spencer. 

Spencer also opened up about his struggle to grow and promote his business while coping with the ‘fake villainy’ image that he got from the ‘reality’ TV.  “ Well, thankfully there’s social media and, you know, I could build a new audience where people are like, [oh, that was so fake. And, you know, he was clearly strategic and he was obviously in on everything]”. 

He also shared one of the most important business lessons that he, of course, learned the hard way. “You’re learning business. You know, you take care of your employees. Maybe they didn’t ultimately take care of you, which is unfortunate. But, you try to do right by them”, says Spencer as he reflects on his journey.

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