Marty Smith: From a humble beginning to an ESPN Personality and Public Speaker.

Ryan / 09-02-2021

Marty Smith was raised in a small town and later went on to become one of the most celebrated sports journalists of this decade. His short stint with NASCAR landed him a coveted job with ESPN – a dream come true for Marty, and the world of sports gets an amazing broadcaster who is also a great human being.

Marty talks about his upbringing and how it shaped him into what he is today. “I grew up about 25 miles west of Virginia Tech’s campus in a little town called Perrysburg. And I would not trade my upbringing there for anything” says Marty.

Soon after sharing his story, the conversation quickly took a philosophical turn, laced with personal anecdotes and life lessons. “My greatest insecurity is that I like to be liked. And in our business, man, that ain’t a good one to have”, says Marty.

Marty went on to talk about his experiences as a sports journalist, and how one of his career instances forever altered his approach to interviewing people. “If I’m interviewing someone, it’s about asking them open-ended questions that let them tell me their story, rather than trying to drive them towards a story” explains Marty. 

Marty also talked about the three key things you can control and implement in your professional life to succeed, regardless of circumstances. “I control how nice I am to other people. I control how hard I’m willing to work and give every last ounce of everything I am to whatever that challenge is before me in that I do that with undeniable positive energy,” says Marty.

Marty’s take on the buzzwords in the Radcast’s Rad or Fad rapid fire round is worth listening to this podcast till the end. 

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