Textile Social Media

Ryan / 01-25-2021

There’s no denying that social media marketing can be confusing for B2B companies. Textile companies, particularly, don’t quite grasp the need for social media or the most ideal way to utilize it. However, what they may not realize is that social media is the main source of information to drive their marketing endeavors.

Brands in the US and other parts of the world are using different social media platforms to grow online and boost their success. With that being said, we’ll explore how the textile industry is gaining the most through social media.

Effective Customer Service

Delivering effective and satisfactory customer service is the main goal of textile manufacturers. Social media is one of the easily accessible mediums that enable two-way communication between customers and brands.

Through social media platforms such as Instagram, textile marketing professionals can view and analyze the needs of their potential clients (businesses).

B2B social media helps them get a better understanding of what these businesses, essentially their customers, are looking for and talking about, as well as their likes and dislikes.

Increased Inbound Traffic

It’s a no-brainer that more traffic translates to increased sales. Textile manufacturers that don’t use social media restrict their inbound traffic. Only the current consumers head over to their websites or those who search for particular keywords tied to their sites. As a result, they miss out on a whole lot of potential customers.

Through social media, you get more inbound traffic as it reaches out to individuals or businesses that could become your customers.

Conventional Marketing

Customer engagement through blogging is a renowned way of marketing. However, textile social media has ushered in numerous conventional marketing paths, resulting in amazing perks for the industry. Through various avenues of traditional advertising, brands can come up with new textile trends that potential customers would be interested in.

For instance, Facebook makes targeting your prospects easier. The platform allows marketers to reach out to the audience pertaining to a demographic through targeted ads. Also, brands can use cookies to monitor the online behavior of consumers and show them relevant ads.

As a result, manufacturers have been able to boost their sales because, as opposed to marketing every product they have in store, they reach out to customers by advertising individual items.

Increased Brand Awareness and Effective Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the most essential goals for any business since consumers only purchase from brands they recognize.

This is where social media comes into play. It allows textile manufacturers to build their credibility through various platforms. For this reason, in today’s digital era, social media is unarguably one of the most powerful methods for increasing brand awareness and visibility.

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are littered with potential customers, giving you an opportunity to drive massive attention towards your textile brand.

Increased Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty

In today’s market, textile brands must have customer loyalty in order to survive the fierce competition. While social media allows you to interact with old and new customers, what keeps them loyal? It’s the content you post on your social media platforms that fosters loyalty.

For a brand to not only maintain their customers but also attract new ones, they need to put out engaging posts. By doing so, they capture the attention of their consumers and keep them loyal to the brand.

Reports by Forbes show that 70% of customers who receive a fast response from brands on social media say they recommend it to other people. In turn, it increases customers and sales.


Social media is a powerful marketing tool for the textile industry. Social media content that ranges from blog posts, images, and videos, and comments to status updates, create an opportunity for people to respond, ultimately driving more traffic to your textile business.

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