Marketing at the speed of now.

admin / 09-17-2019

That’s our tagline at Radical. It’s an acknowledgment that the marketing and advertising world has changed. There, I said it. As much as I know there are principles and truths in our business that remain constant the reality is things have evolved, and quickly. So, what exactly has changed? Almost everything.

Consumer expectations. Client expectations. Consumer needs. Client needs. Budgets. Mediums. Attention.

The importance of branding and the big idea still remain, but the way we get there, the way we communicate that truth, the way consumers digest it – that has all changed.

What I think a lot of people assume when they hear our tagline is  “everything done fast”. Not exactly. “The speed of now” isn’t about just being fast. It’s about being relevant. It’s about efficiency. It’s about paying attention. It’s about being available. And yes, it’s also about speed.  Speed that ensures we don’t miss the moment

I think at its core that is what we are talking about here— maximizing the moment. 

Social media, in particular, affords us so many opportunities to strike quickly.  but often times these moments come and go because of the bureaucracy within an agency or the inability to be nimble and to react quickly.

At Radical, our clients are seeing the fruits of this approach. We are leveraging the power and opportunities that smartphones and ubiquitous high-speed connectivity bring to bear. We are creating hundreds of videos and micro-content pieces to life every month at scale and then leveraging our in-house distribution team to get them in front of the right audience at the right moment. It’s both art and science.

Many of my peers in the business say they embrace this new world.  But then I look at their personal social feeds or that of their company’s and all I find is a digital desert. No posts. No engagement. No video. No audience. No influence. 

I can hear the responses now ”but ‘I’m waaay too busy doing it for my clients” or “I’m focused where it really matters.” Ha!  How can you claim to embrace the world we live in if you aren’t fully utilizing it? If you aren’t practicing it? If you aren’t learning from it?

The marketing game has changed. And we love playing in it – at the speed of now.


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