Made in the USA – The Textile Opportunity for US Manufacturers

Ryan / 01-25-2021

Did you know that the US is a major market in the North American textile sector? By the end of 2019, the worldwide retail sales of footwear and apparel soared to a whopping USD 1.9 trillion and are expected to reach over 3 trillion USD by 2030.
With the textile industry witnessing a staggering growth, we’ll delve into a few of the most lucrative opportunities that every American Textile Business should seize.
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Stellar Reputation

American attire has a strong reputation as being top-notch products of unmatched quality. A multitude of customers is partial to American products with the ‘Made in the USA’ label.

Not only are the goods perceived to be of superior quality and durability but also customers associate less risk of purchasing items produced in exploitative and unsafe working conditions.

A majority of textile businesses are concentrated in North Carolina, Georgia, and California, constantly striving to supply customers with products in a timely fashion. Furthermore, the short distance between consumers and manufacturers reduces the logistics and distribution costs significantly.

The present Chinese economic landscape has proven to be a springboard for manufacturers of USA textiles. A plateau economy, coupled with increasing wages, is encouraging more textile companies to manufacture in the US. Although imported attire still has a major cost advantage.

However, technological innovations such as digital printing, virtual dressing rooms, pleating machines, sewing robots, knitting machines, and much more will allow manufacturers to ramp up efficiency while cutting labor costs and other overheads. As a result, this allows them to increase their profit margin.

Textile Bags

There has been a decline in the usage of plastic-based items in the packaging sector that has led to the spike in demand for textile bags, which US textile manufacturers can capitalize on. These bags are made from burlap fabric, cotton, and other materials.

Textile bags come in handy in a myriad of applications where moisture is regarded as a crucial aspect of packaging. They are excellent at keeping a product dry.

Used as an appropriate packaging option instead of plastic bags, the soaring number of specialty retailers, online retailers, and grocery stores is ushering in the demand for textile bags.

Thin-walled plastic bags are regarded as more hazardous to the environment in comparison to thick-walled plastic bags. Therefore, the demand for textile bags is expected to rise even more in the foreseeable future as a result of customer preference towards recyclable and reusable products.

Rising Demand for Nonwovens

While the technical textiles industry in the US is one of the largest markets across the globe, nonwoven fabrics are expected to be in huge demand in the years to come.

The end-use markets for nonwoven textile products are categorized as durable or disposable. The latter can be further classified into personal protective equipment (PPE), wipes, surgical apparel, absorbent hygiene, filtration, and medical apparel.

Textile trends are favoring the production of disposable nonwovens as one of the measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. Tapping into this market is a great opportunity for US textile manufacturers to boost their sales and increase their profit margin.

On the other hand, durable nonwovens constitute building construction, geo-synthetics, transportation, office, and home furnishings. Given that nonwovens are becoming the go-to in making products more pocket-friendly, lighter, and efficient, they are a necessity in the auto and packaging industry. You can tap into this growing market.

Industrial and Specialty Fabrics

These serve various markets, including auto airbags and awnings. As the specialty fabric market in the US continues to grow, some areas are advancing exponentially.

For instance, the base fabric used to construct roads, spoil containment in a landfill, and erosion control. You can capitalize on these automotive textiles representing the most valuable market in the world for specialty fabrics.

Medical Textiles

These are one of the most essential and ever-growing technical textiles markets. The medical textile sector has been bettering current products and coming up with new ones with innovative designs and materials.

As a manufacturer, you have the opportunity to design products with accelerated healing, mildly invasive surgical procedures, and infection control in mind.

Development of Next-Generation Textile Materials

The US is the world leader in textile marketing, development, and research. It’s no surprise that indigenous manufacturers are producing next-generation textile materials such as antimicrobial fibers, electronic textiles that can monitor vital signs, and conductive fabric with antistatic properties.

They are also producing new fabrics that adapt to the climate to make the wearers comfortable, and lifesaving, sturdy body armor. With the soaring demand for these products, you can get in on the action.


Raking in more than USD3 trillion annually would be impossible for the apparel sector without the robust textile manufacturing industry. With appealing market trends and encouraging figures from great opportunities such as the ones discussed, the future looks bright for textile manufacturers in the US.

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