Business Development Lead

Radical is on the lookout for an experienced Business Development Manager to join our vibrant team. This role is pivotal in driving our agency’s growth by not only acquiring new clients but also nurturing existing relationships to ensure their continued success. The ideal candidate will be responsible for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, developing effective sales strategies, and maintaining strong, productive relationships with current clients. They should have a keen eye for market trends and use this insight to tailor our offerings.

Active participation in industry events and networking groups is essential for building contacts and promoting our agency. Collaboration with our marketing, creative, and account management teams is crucial to ensure cohesive strategies for client success. The candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field, along with proven experience in business development within a marketing agency. We’re looking for someone with excellent communication skills, creativity, strategic thinking, and a results-driven approach. Radical offers health benefits, a supportive team environment, opportunities for professional growth, competitive salary, and performance incentives.


Salary: $48,000 – $53,000 + Commission

Key Job Duties:

  • Client Acquisition: Proactively identify and pursue new business opportunities. Develop and implement effective sales strategies to attract potential clients and expand the agency’s client base.
  • Outreach: Conduct high volume prospecting (60-100 activities per day) to qualify leads through calls, emails, and social media
  • Relationship Management: Foster and maintain strong relationships with current clients. Understand their needs, provide custom solutions, and ensure their satisfaction and success with our services.
  • Market Analysis: Conduct thorough market research to identify trends, opportunities, and challenges in the industry. Use this information to tailor our offerings and stay ahead of competitors.
  • Networking: Actively participate in industry events, conferences, and networking groups to build contacts and promote our agency.
  • Collaboration with Teams: Work closely with the marketing, creative, and account management teams to ensure cohesive and effective strategies are in place for client success.
  • Sales Goals: Set and achieve sales targets. Regularly report on progress and adjust strategies as necessary to meet or exceed these goals.
  • Proposal Development: Craft compelling proposals and presentations that effectively communicate our agency’s value proposition.
  • Client Feedback: Gather and analyze client feedback to continuously improve our services and client relationships.
Key Skills Required:
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • A desire to “eat what you kill”
  • First-class organizational skills
  • A pro-active approach to creative projects
  • Experience working as part of a team
  • A keen eye for detail and an understanding of budget restraints
  • Full awareness of creative processes and techniques – including digital platforms

Evaluation of Success in the Position

  • Stellar client feedback and longevity of client account
  • Admired and respected within the agency
  • Loyal team player, coachable, an appetite for learning
  • Self-starter that doesn’t wait for others to seek out new ways to do things and new opportunities
  • Contributes to Radical marketing efforts and demonstrates knowledge and understanding that if the agency as a whole grows and improves so too will the opportunities for the individual
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