7 Major Problems With Low Performing Landing Pages And How To Overcome Them

admin / 11-26-2021

The success of your marketing campaign depends on your ability to create a winning landing page experience for customers. Landing pages can be highly successful at acquiring new customers and providing incremental sales opportunities for existing customers. Professionals already know this, so whether you are looking for web design or web development in Atlanta, you can hire an expert to design landing pages that are a conversion powerhouse.

Optimized landing pages drive conversions. It captures critical contact information from visitors and facilitates the conversion process by driving visitors to take the desired action. What’s more, marketers who invest in their landing pages typically see higher conversion rates as well as increased customer lifetime values.

However, many errors can act as roadblocks to your conversion rate(CR), and it’s imperative to identify and overcome them. We’ve listed the most common pitfalls of landing pages below; check them out:

Major Problem #1: Unclear Communication

The topmost priority and, unfortunately, the most problematic issue with landing pages is communication. Since the text and images are responsible for convincing visitors to take the desired action and not lose interest in the process. That said, clarity should be one of the main goals for writing landing page content.

How To Fix It:

To achieve clear communication, focus on three main points:

1) Understanding your message

2) Making your message clear

3) Using words that resonate with your target audience.

Major Problem #2: Slow Page Load Speed

With attention spans shorter than that of a goldfish, people are more impatient than ever. This means if you have a slow loading website, consumers will abandon it in the blink of an eye.

The increase in latency is caused by multiple factors, including bandwidth constraints in mobile networks, a higher number of requests that have to be processed by the browser, and server-side rendering bottlenecks.

How To Fix It:

You can improve page load speed by minifying CSS and JavaScript files. You should also use a CDN or caching proxy service to serve static content from a centralized location. Reduce redirects and leverage browser caching. Make sure that your images are no larger than they need to be, that they are in the right file format.

Major Problem #3: Missing Live Chat

Live chat on landing pages is a way to increase customer engagement and improve conversion rates. Missing live chat can make important customers question your products or services, leaving them indecisive about their purchase.

Using live chat software reduces customer abandonment which is a major contributor to lost revenue for many businesses.

How To Fix It:

Integrate a live chat feature into your landing page. If you are running a CMS (content management system), you can use many free plugins for live chat. Make sure the live chat feature is user friendly. Hire experts of web design in Charleston, SC, for the same.

Major Problem #4: Not Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

If you want your landing page to convert, you need to provide a better user experience and meet their expectations. One way is to add an FAQ section. It is the perfect place for users to find answers to their most burning questions or doubts about your product or service. You can also use this page as an opportunity to answer questions that can provide them with additional information about your offerings.

How To Fix It:

Research on the most popularly asked question revolving around your services as well as in your industry. This research will help you to target the burning questions right on your landing page. Creating an FAQ section will also address and answer questions that a customer may have further down the sales funnel. For example, answering questions regarding the return policy, bonus content access, payment options, etc., can provide your customers with the information they need to make a confident buying decision.

Major Problem #5: Missing Social Proof

Does your landing page have social proof — reviews, testimonials, and trust badges? These social proofs are tools for credibility that makes customers feel confident about their purchase.

Higher trust = higher conversion rate. The more reviews you have, the more credible your brand seems. That said, social proof on your landing pages can improve conversions by around 30%.

How To Fix?

Accumulate all the reviews, ratings, testimonials, awards, and media features that you can find and display this beautifully on your landing page. Good social proof is useful for all landing pages because people trust other people more than they trust marketers or brand makers.

Major Problem #6: Missing or Misplaced CTAs

The function of CTAs is to encourage visitors to take the next step in the sales funnel, whether that be signing up for a trial, buying a product, or requesting more information. Missing or misplaced CTAs means your customers will never be prompted into action at the right moment or at the right place.

How To Fix?

Use an actionable phrase with a clear result that will appeal to your user for clicking on the button. Place your CTAs after displaying some sort of social proof (make a pitch, let them know why they should choose you), and after every main section of your website.

There are many different types of CTAs. The most common ones on landing pages include:

-Download this video

-Subscribe to our email list

-Watch this video on Youtube

-Get the free ebook on our website

-Learn more by clicking here

Major Problem #7: Missing Bonus Content

Often landing pages are not enough to motivate users to act. Potential customers need some incentive to take the desired action. Sometimes it is a discount or free trial that come with an expiration date, other times, it could be bonus content on the landing page for visitors to see.

If your page does not have bonus content, it will not incentivize potential customers to take action. Usually, this incentive is about a product or service that they were viewing before arriving at the landing page.

How To Fix?

A successful salesperson/ marketer knows that the best way to get someone to buy something is to give them a reason they can’t resist. A great way to do this is by including bonus content with your product. This not only helps increase the conversion rates of your landing pages but also increases engagement.

There are a few types of bonus content you can include on your landing pages:

– Additional informative content

– Community/support WhatsApp group

– Few extra hours of a course

– A special challenge

– Bonus personal faq session with the host

– Free eBook

Take Away

Your landing page plays a huge part in the success of your conversion rate. When you have generated interest, persuaded them with the initial communication, and then finally led them to your landing page, you have to ensure your page is free of these major 7 problems.

This will help you make a substantial impact on the customer.

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