7 Landing Page Mistakes That You Must Avoid

admin / 10-16-2020

Landing pages are among those precious elements that drive conversions for your business.

From the start when a prospect clicks on a campaign to the final point of conversion, your landing page plays an important role. However, a question may generally pop into your mind – “is my landing page good enough?”

The truth is that there’s no way to define what a good landing page means. But, the results can tell a lot, and if your conversion rates are way below the desired goals, this article is for you.

Here we are discussing seven landing page design mistakes that must be avoided for good.

1. Mismatch of CTAs

What would you think about a company that made you click on an ad that promised you better conversion rates and took you to a webpage telling you why you need a new business idea?

Well, this was just a small example, and the world wide web is flooded with myriads of these.

Definitely, there’s something that we can learn from these. Never promise one thing in your ad and offer something else on the landing page.

You may even land up with a penalty by the advertising platform, as this invites a case of misleading advertising. So, no matter how low your conversion rates are, never go for such ill-practices.

2. Too Much Information

Indeed, it’s crucial to provide your visitors with enough information about the product or service that you are selling. But can we go gaga about the same?

Certainly not! As you may find all the pleasure of talking about your product, your prospects would only want to know how it can benefit them. So, what’s the point in giving out all the information that they may not need? In fact, it may distract them from the main offer.

It’s best to keep it crisp, clear and compelling. Don’t make your users skim a lot through your content.

3. Vague Targeting Strategies

Yes, we all want to reach out to more of our prospects, all at once. But well, this can’t be possible in all cases.

For example, if your business sells only one product to a specific target group, a vague targeting strategy may work. However, as your services and products diversify, you may have to come up with a more specific targeting strategy.

Facebook and Google Adwords allow advertisers to launch laser-targeted ad campaigns. But we are talking about landing pages, right?

Narrowing down your audience to a specific set won’t do everything. You will also have to create content and design your landing pages in a way that they cater to the respective group. Studies report that landing pages with vague taglines and titles receive around 40% fewer clicks.

4. Slow Loading Page


User experience matters a great deal for boosting conversions, and slow-loading pages generally ruin the user experience.

No matter how perfect your landing page design is, if it loads slowly, your prospects may lose interest, sooner or later. Apart from this, slow loading pages don’t perform well in the search engines as well.

If you rely on SEO for conversions, you should improve page speed at the earliest. And if you are wondering how, our web development and web design services can help you with that.

5. Too Much Clutter

No one likes clutter, and if you’ve ever come across a website with a world of elements packed into one webpage, you would know this too.

Such landing pages do the same job as those with a lot of information. Too much of anything can be overwhelming and distract your prospects from the main offer.

If you want more leads and sales, keep your landing pages clean, with highlighted offers and CTAs.

This will ensure that your prospects pay attention to the right areas.

6. Weak CTAs

cta buttons

The call-to-action(s) on your landing page act as the final portals that convert your prospects into leads. However, their success depends on the text and button design that you choose.

CTAs asking users to do something are less effective than those that offer them something.

For example, while there’s nothing wrong with a normal “Read More” CTA, it asks the users to do something. With all the work and responsibilities, many of us may not like to “Read More” on a busy day.

However, if there was an actual offer that would let us “Find Out More,” the CTRs (click-through rates) might have been better.

Similarly, a CTA button with tacky colors may be a pain in the eye, but a button that goes well with the page’s color scheme may perform better.

7. Not the Best Offer

“A Mediocre copy and a good offer can out-pull a great copy and a mediocre offer any day. So, make a good offer and if your grammar isn’t correct, or if your spellings are wrong, or even if you have poor color combinations, you still may convert.”

– Breakthrough Copywriting by David Garfinkel

Your offer is one of the most critical factors that your campaign’s success rides on. This clearly means that you can’t win many leads with a weak offer. Whether you are selling a service, a product, or just inviting more people to your free webinar, your prospects won’t take action towards a weak offer.

So, what can we do?

Well, make them an offer they can’t refuse.

The idea is to add value to your offer in a way that the value of your product is more than what your prospects are going to pay for it. And this is super-crucial for eCommerce website development too. Better eCommerce offers will always attract more customers.


Final Thoughts

A high-converting landing page is crucial for your offer’s success. However, the process of creating a good landing page isn’t easy, and then, mistakes can also pull you down. In this blog, we discussed seven landing page mistakes that you must steer clear of.

Have a Radical day!

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