10 Web Development Trends That Are Here To Stay

admin / 09-08-2020

As a web development professional and a digital marketer, you must be aware of the fickle nature of the industry you serve. Overnight search engine updates and changing customer awareness levels were enough to give online business owners sleepless nights, but then there’s the ever present challenge of dealing with trends as well. 

Given the evolving nature of the web, what worked a couple of months ago might not deliver the same results is the present context. The only way to keep up with the changes is to have a reference point that guides you in the right direction. This is the reason why we’ve compiled a list of trends the web dev community world over has embraced wholeheartedly. And don’t worry these trends are not going away anytime soon.

Machine Learning

All those sci-fi movies were correct after all or maybe the developers thought it’d be cool to have gadgets doing even the most trivial of jobs for us humans. Whatever be the reason, machine learning has definitely arrived and it’s gradually becoming a part of our lives. 

Modern eCommerce website development now takes help from machine learning to provide improved customer service, guide users through transactions, and give customers an experience that they always wished for. While online stores are rapidly deploying machine learning to enhance the customer journey, they are also using it to mine and analyze big data to spot trends and sharpen their marketing strategies for the future. 

Augmented Reality

We’ve all tried the ‘bunny ears’ filter on various social media apps. Yes, that’s AR working for you from the palm of your hand. With the recent developments, Augmented Reality has taken giant strides and is fast becoming the go-to technology for training environments, gaming, and even automobiles. 

Coupled with Artificial Intelligence, AR is one of the most powerful tools that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of. From helping your customers get that ‘in-store’ feel to helping doctors learn the intricacies of surgery, AR is reshaping the way we thought about the web for the better. 


In comparison to other technologies, Blockchain is still in a nascent stage of development. However, this doesn’t take away anything from its potential as a powerful web development tool, especially when it comes to the security of financial transactions. 

Many financial institutions are mulling over the advantages that Blockchain offers with its multi layered algorithms that provide an extra security cover. With lowered costs of execution, this technology will certainly see more and more businesses embracing it in the years to come. 

Push Notifications

With businesses everywhere trying to engage with their customers, Push Notifications give marketers a chance to showcase their products while the customers browse through their website. An ingenious strategy that first made its presence felt on mobile devices, push notifications are now a common sight on desktops as well. 

From telling your users about your latest blog publication, to the trendy new sale that they must check out, Push Notifications have become more sophisticated. Thanks to machine learning and advanced browser capabilities, websites can have personalized push notifications that generate better leads and enhance the user experience. 

Single Page Applications

Much like its name, a single page application works within a browser and does not require page reloads and of course, you get everything you need on one page. With the user’s time coming at a premium, most businesses are looking for ways to present all their products and services in the shortest possible time, and SPA serves the purpose brilliantly. 

Single Page Applications have also made a mark in the web development community, thanks to their simple and streamlined development process. This takes out the cumbersome code writing phase from the picture and it also gets easier to debug. All in all, SPA is a win-win for businesses and developers alike. 

Multi Device Functionality

If your business website is not available on multiple devices you might as well not be online at all. That is how important it is to have a responsive website. With search engines openly stating that mobile friendliness will be the prerequisite for all future search rankings, businesses are fast adopting this trend.

Having a responsive website also helps in providing a seamless experience when the user decides to shift browsing from a desktop to a mobile device. With everything that looks the same on any given platform, users spend more time on your web pages and this brings down those nasty bounce rates. 

Voice Search Optimization


This is one trend that has caught everyone’s attention, and for good reasons too. With almost half of all search queries being done through voice, businesses have realized the potential of this technology and are quickly adapting to accommodate it within their scheme of things. 

While voice search adds that extra layer or convenience to your online business, it also gives you the added advantage of SEO supremacy. Incorporating long tail keywords that are conversational in nature is the way to go for getting voice search ready. Local businesses are set to benefit the most from this emerging trend with Google’s ‘Near Me’ search queries, businesses should now focus on getting voice ready for a brighter future. 


Less is more, and it has never been more relevant than now. Minimalist website designs are quite a thing within the web design circles, and its popularity seems to be increasing by the day. With everything revolving around that perfect user experience, Minimalism offers designers to use whitespace like never before.

Now website real estate is not used for cramming images and other content that becomes an information overload all too soon. Minimalist web design calls for the use of bold colors and text blocks that focus on one product offering at a time. This gives users the ability to engage with your brand in a better way and that is always good news for your profit margins. 



This is another development trend that is fast becoming an industry standard. Chatbots aim at taking away the exercise of typing your search query and then sifting through the results. Imagine looking for a pair of shoes on your favorite website and being helped by a friendly chatbot that not only gets you what you want but also keeps you engaged with its conversational style. 

The future of Chatbots looks very promising, especially for ecommerce ventures that are looking to go that extra mile for user experience and faster checkouts. 

Map Integration

Imagine being a small business in a small town and relying on the local population to help your customers find your store. Those days are history. Now all you need is a nifty map integration API and your customers will always find you. 

With mobile searches on the rise, users are now searching for businesses near them and with a handy map pointing them in the right direction, you can always count on an increase in footfall and eventual sales opportunities.

Final Thoughts

The internet is an ever evolving phenomenon and trends are what keeps it going. Keeping pace with these trends is the only way any business can survive in this uber competitive environment. Professional web development ensures your business is always one step ahead of the times and embraces these trends to deliver better profits and brand presence.


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